On the Road (Again)

In relation to the publication of our book Collaborative Media, I have tried to talk about the book as much as possible in different environments. We had a book launch at Media Evolution City in Malmö. I have held seminars at The New School in New York, at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, at Copenhagen University, and at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. This tour will furthermore take me to Lund and to Umeå in May.

skyltar bosse3

It is fun talking about the book. But it is also a challenge, since it is directed towards different groups of audiences: First, it is transdisciplinary, which means that it is directed towards academics with different experiences (I come from Media and Communication Studies and my colleague Jonas from Interaction Design, and these two disciplines vary widely). But second, we also believe that the book can be relevant for readers not working within academia, which gives yet another twist to holding seminars around the book. So the people coming to a talk at the University of Lund have other interests than the people coming Media Evolution City in Malmö. At least some of them.

I believe it has worked well thus far. Having spent by now fifteen years in such a heterogeneous environment as my home department K3 (The School of Arts and Communication) – an environment with traditional social science/humanities scholars, with designers, with film makers, etc, not to mention the amazing mix of students – has taught me a lot about how to communicate. Challenge your listeners and communication partners. But make sure no one feels stupid.

Looking forward to going to Lund and Umeå.

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