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Next fall we will start a new Master’s programme in Media and Communication Studies at The School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University, It will be in English and it will be web based, which means that you can take part in the programme even if you do not live in the Malmö region. At the same time, if you do live in the region, or plan to move there, there will be “real” lectures and seminars, so if you take part in that way, it will feel as a campus based programme. And of course, you don’t have to choose between the two options, it is possible to combine them.

mkv masterfoto

The programme has two versions, a one-year version, and a two-year version. Both will give you a Master’s degree (the two year version will give you deeper knowledge and skills than the one year version). If you are an EU-citizen, there is no tuition fee.

The programme has a subtitle: Culture, Collaborative Media, Creative Industries. By that title, we wish to show the ways in which this programme differs from other, similar programmes. You can read more about the one-year version here, and about the two-year version here. We also have a Facebook page.

If you are an international student, the last day for applying is January 15.