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Our book Collaborative Media will be reviewed in a forthcoming issue of the journal Media, Culture & Society. The book has been reviewed by Ana-Maria Herman, Goldsmiths University, and the review is now available as Online First for those who can access the journal online. The review is thorough, going through all the parts of the book in some detail. And it is favourable. Below you can read the final paragraph of the review:

The authors’ desire for change in terms of how media are understood and researched, as well as their zeal for design-oriented interventions, culminates in a final rallying call:
‘Let the interventionist turn begin’ (p. 169). In focusing on building a case for considering‘collaborative media’ as a new cultural form and advocating design-oriented interventionist approaches, Collaborative Media results in a resource most relevant for scholars interested in these particular areas. The book, however, does also entice those
studying media across (other) disciplines (including this cross-disciplinary reviewer from sociology) to further consider media’s collaborative qualities and the possibilities
of interventionist approaches.



Postscript, January 13: The review has now been published: Issue nr. 1, 2015, pages 154155.