Welcome to my blog and my webpage

So welcome to my blog and my webpage! This webpage replaces an old one, which I haven’t updated for many years. I don’t really know why I stopped using that one, more than the fact that a constant need for updating can make a webpage into a burden more than a pleasurable activity. But now I start again. The primary reason is that the publication in November of the book Collaborative Media, written together with my colleague Jonas Löwgren, made me travel quite a lot in order to promote it, and that consequently caused a need for a webpage to refer to. I was also inspired by my colleague Micke Krona’s recent webpage, who both looks good and contains interesting stuff. And he seems to be able to combine updating that with doing other things.

The main difference between the old webpage and this – besides that this looks way better, thank you Afsana and Tasneem – is that this one contains a blog. And here I will write about both cultural, academic, and political matters. It remains to be seen how often I will write. Please keep tuning in, and you will find out. Or even better, subscribe via rss or mail.

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