I am Professor of Media and Communication Studies at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden. The School, as well as the whole University, started in 1998 and I started to work for the University already in 1997 in order to take part in the creation of the School. The idea behind the School was – and is – to create linkages between media, design, technology, and the arts, both in education and research. Beside my work as professor at the School, I was the founding director of the University’s research lab Medea. Having been away from the lab for a couple of years, I am now back as director, combining that job with being professor at the School of Arts and Communication.

I teach Media and Communication Studies at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD. Three of my former PhD students have been awarded the prize for best thesis of the year at Malmö University (Kristoffer Gansing in 2013, Åsa Ståhl in 2014 and Anders Emilson in 2016).

My research is currently focused on collaborative media. In 2013, me and Jonas Löwgren, Professor of Interaction Design, published the book Collaborative Media. Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions with The MIT Press. It has been reviewed in, among other journals, Media, Culture & Society, Design Issues, New Media & Society, Consumption Markets & Culture, European Journal of Communication, and Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. I currently work on another book for The MIT Press.

I am on the board for The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens jubileumsfond), and I chair the Foundation’s review panel on languages, art, literary studies, history of ideas, and media and communication studies.

I sometimes work as a DJ.