Books in English

Löwgren, Jonas and Bo Reimer (2013)
Collaborative media
Production, consumption, and design interventions
Cambridge: The MIT Press

Gibbins, John R. and Bo Reimer (1999)
The politics of postmodernity
An introduction to contemporary politics and culture
London: Sage

Reimer, Bo (1994)
The most common of practices
On mass media use in late modernity
Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International

Books in Swedish

Fornäs, Johan, Ulf Boëthius, Hillevi Ganetz and Bo Reimer (eds.) (1992)
Unga stilar och uttrycksformer (Young styles and forms of expression)
Stockholm: Symposion

Fornäs, Johan, Ulf Boëthius and Bo Reimer (eds.) (1993)
Ungdomar i skilda sfärer (Youth in different spheres)
Stockholm: Symposion

Fornäs, Johan, Ulf Boëthius, Michael Forsman, Hillevi Ganetz and Bo Reimer (eds.) (1994)
Ungdomskultur i Sverige (Youth culture in Sweden)
Stockholm: Symposion

Reimer, Bo (2002)
Uppspel: Den svenska TV-sportens historia (Replay: The history of sports on Swedish television)
Stockholm: Stiftelsen Etermedierna i Sverige

Recent articles in English

Larsson, Henrik, Inger Lindstedt, Jonas Löwgren, Tobias Nilsson, Bo Reimer and Richard Topgaard (2008) “From time-shift to shape-shift: Towards nonlinear production and consumption of news” in Artur Lugmayr, Marianna Obrist and Manfred Tscheligi (eds.) Changing television environments Berlin: Springer Verlag [Details]

Lindstedt, Inger, Jonas Löwgren, Bo Reimer and Richard Topgaard (2009) “Nonlinear news production and consumption: A collaborative approach” Computers in entertainment: 7(3) [Details]

Löwgren, Jonas and Bo Reimer (2012) “Designing collaborative media: A challenge for CHI?” Proceedings CHI EA 2012: 31-40, ACM Press. [Details]

Löwgren, Jonas and Bo Reimer (2013) “The computer is a medium, not a tool: Collaborative media challenging Interaction Design” Challenges 4(1): 86-102 [Details]

Reimer, Bo (2013) “Even better than the real thing: The cultural form of televised sport” in Monika Djerf-Pierre and Mats Ekström (eds.) A history of Swedish broadcasting: Communicative ethos, genres and institutional change Gothenburg: Nordicom [Details]