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Final Music Quiz: One Step Beyond

Here is the final Music Quiz of the spring term, broadcast on June 4. It features songs about pushing boundaries, moving on, and breaking through to the other side. And for the final question, on early jazz, I use an HMV gramophone from the 1930s.

You can take the whole quiz here.

Another music quiz: Reasons to be Cheerful (Pt. 3)

The fourth episode of the K3 Music Quiz was broadcast on May 19. The theme was “Reasons the be Cheerful (Pt. 3)”. It featured songs about happiness! And joy! And some sorrow! Take the quiz here: Or just listen to great music and watch great clips.

New music quiz: Bright Lights, Big City

And here is last week’s music quiz. The episode is called Bright Lights, Big City. Songs about cities and living in the fast lane. Take the quiz here.

K3 Music Quiz: The Outer Limits

In order to do something new during these corona times, I have started to do a live online music quiz. It is called K3 Music Quiz: The Outer Limits. I will do it every second week during the rest of the term. The latest episode is called Fly Me to the Moon and was broadcastRead more…

Interview with me in podcast serie “Evolving Digital Self”

Social strategist Heidi Forbes Öste runs the podcast Evolving Digital Self. Last month she did an interview with me for the series. It’s on media, technology and education, but also on living and working (and studying) in the city of Malmö. You can find it here.

I never talked to Bob Dylan

One of the most significant cultural events of 2016 was the nomination of Bob Dylan as the Nobel prize winner for literature, and the subsequent award ceremony in the Stockholm Concert Hall, where Patti Smith sang Dylan’s “A hard rain’s a-gonna fall”. Her struggle with getting through the song is captured beautifully by American rock criticRead more…

7 from 80s

For one week, I was in charge of the Facebook group “7 from 80s”. Started by sociology professor Ellis Cashmore, the idea is to post one favourite 80s song a week, and shortly discussing why that particular song was chosen. This was my week. Thank you pal Raiford Guins for inviting me to the group.Read more…

Short interview with me about the online masters programme

Here is a short interview made with me about the online masters programme in Media and Communication Studies. It was originally posted on our Facebook page with the following text: Meet the professors! Bo Reimer, Professor Together with Michael Krona Bo built the program as an online and campus based masters program. He has doneRead more…

An online master in media and communication studies: reflections after one term

In the fall we started our new master’s programme in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Arts and Communication. We have had an undergraduate programme since 1998,and a PhD programme since 2010. Given that, adding a master’s programme was a logical thing to do. However, it was not inevitable which focus it shouldRead more…

Medea reboots with me returning as Director

In January 2009, with me as director, Medea Collaborative Media Initiative was launched as a research center at Malmö University. Focusing on collaborative media, design for social innovation, and collaborative cultural production, during the years we have published three books with The MIT Press (Design Things in 2011, Collaborative Media in 2013, and Making FuturesRead more…